As the advances in artificial intelligence continue, people in some circles express concern over an AI uprising. They’re worried that AI will turn against them and obliterate humanity. Despite their concerns, however, robot platforms will never revolt. There are good reasons to put any trepidation aside. No profit can be gained from it, the systems simply aren’t advanced enough and people armed with human intelligence will never let it happen. These three factors should put your mind at rest and keep any argument about robots grounded in reason.

There’s No Money in It

To begin with, anyone who understands technology and its growth must also grasp a key principle: If no economic value is to be acquired from it, the technology doesn’t happen. People put up funds to design robots that can aid with disaster relief, not robots that are programmed to hurt people. At the end of the day, the potential human benefit that could be derived is the motivating factor for most projects. What corporation or investor would finance just the opposite? An AI invasion would significantly deteriorate the hard-earned trust and confidence of an organization’s customer base. In fact, it could literally wipe out that customer base. What entrepreneur would invest in that prospect? It’s not very effective as a business strategy.

AI Systems Are Not Advanced Enough for Destruction

Furthermore, the systems that exist at present do not have the capabilities to sustain independent thought and a destructive impulse simultaneously. That would require outside intervention. Currently, even the most advanced systems of this sort need human handlers in order to function. These systems are not self-aware. They do not reflect upon their own motivations or consider their behavior. Indeed, programmers have to define that for them and come up with the rules of interaction. The machines cannot do it alone.

People Will Make Sure it Won’t Happen

When technicians design a network, they do it for a purpose. That purpose is usually focused and specific, and it does not include world domination. IT specialists also build in fail-safes to make sure that the system’s purpose isn’t perverted. Many layers of oversight exist on a project, and someone would eventually catch a catastrophic mistake. AI formats aren’t interested in destroying humans. It wouldn’t occur to them on their own, and cyber security specialists instill code in them to ensure that no one convinces them to do so. Cyber Security, IT, and more all have many courses to help protect and prevent AI failure, so the idea of a hack turning robots evil for some reason is not going to happen.

Just remember that your automatic appliances, thermostat and home security system really have nothing against you. Even if they did, your smart devices aren’t smart enough to do anything about it. There’s no robot army over the next ridge. We can all rest easy.

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