Televisions and computers are evolving quickly. Twenty years ago, the idea of a flat screen television was an exciting innovation. The big magnetic tube televisions were turned into fossils overnight, and everyone was rushing to get the slimmest television they could find. Since this revolution in the industry, televisions have remained the same as far as aesthetics go. Here are a few predictions about the television and computer screen industry in the future.

Will Continue to Get Slimmer

One thing has been consistent about screens in the last 20 years: they keep getting slimmer. Don’t expect this to change anytime soon. Phones have been taking a similar path as of late. Phones are expected to be thinner and thinner each year, as manufacturers are removing other parts such as the headphone jack to make their phones even smaller. Expect the same in the world of computer monitors and televisions.

Will Have Way More Settings

Expect versatility to be the primary selling point of computer screens in the future. As technology advances, one of the ways people will use this technology is to appeal to more people. This means more settings. Expect to see computer screens targeted at people who are colour blind, totally blind and otherwise disabled. People who are prone to migraines will also be targeted by computer screen manufacturers. Migraines are a serious disability that makes it impossible to use current screens. New types of light will be used in future monitors to ensure that even those with the most sensitive eyes can make use of the monitors. In general, many common issues today will be addressed in the future.

Will Be More Powerful

With PC gaming becoming so popular, expect the computer monitor industry to jump aboard. At the moment, monitors are the bottleneck of many machines in the gaming world. At one point in time, 60 frames per second were acceptable; however, that’s simply not the case now. Gamers are asking for higher and higher refresh rates on their monitors because their machines are capable of more than their monitors are allowing. Expect gamers to be accommodated with future innovations.

Televisions and computer monitors are always changing and becoming more and more advanced as time passes. Don’t expect the industry to slow down anytime soon. All of what is mentioned and even more is still to come.

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