Vape pens are a newer technology that many people are using in place of smoking. Companies claim that vape products are much safer than cigarettes, but many people are left wondering if this is true. There are also a number of other misconceptions regarding vape pens that are floating around the market. Despite the misconceptions, vape pens continue to be popular, and members of the younger population frequently use them. Some older generations are also using vaping as a way to get away from the use of cigarettes. Vaping can even be a medicinal process, depending on the types of products you are going to use. Let’s talk a bit more about vape pens and the rumours surrounding them.

Myth: Vape Pens Explode

You’re not going to find vape pens that just randomly implode upon themselves without any reason or warning. It is true that vape pens can explode, but there is typically a preventable reason for that to occur. The most common reason that vape pens explode is a battery malfunction. A vape pen uses a lithium-ion battery to heat up the product that you place in the vaporizer. A malfunction with the battery could cause it to overheat and explode or catch on fire. The best way that you can avoid this is to replace the battery periodically, or inspect the battery to make sure that it isn’t overheating or leaking. Buying a vape pen from a high-quality brand can also make a difference. Make sure that you are storing your vape pen and products in a safe space that’s away from direct sunlight or a heat source. Treat it like you would your smartphone. It’s essentially a piece of technology that you should be very careful with.

Myth: Vaping is as Harmful as Smoking

While some vape juices contain harmful compounds, it’s not uncommon for medicinal vape juices and oils to be used specifically for their health benefits. The safety of your vape products really comes down to you doing research into what you’re going to be using. Not all products are created equally. Make sure that you investigate a brand to see how they manufacture their products and what additional ingredients they use. There are plenty of vape products that contain beneficial ingredients. For instance, CBD vape products are very common in the market right now. CBD has countless health benefits, including reducing chronic pain, eliminating inflammation in the body, treating seizures, increasing appetite and much more. It’s a THC-free component of the hemp plant that provides cannabinoids to the body. These cannabinoids are naturally occurring, and they are very beneficial when taken as a supplement.

Myth: Vaping Is Illegal

People assume that vaping is an illegal process that uses illegal substances. In fact, vaping is perfectly legal. The only time you would be doing anything wrong is if you’re using something like marijuana oil in a place that doesn’t allow these substances. Many people use vape pens predominantly for nicotine or because they enjoy the flavour cartridges. Before you use your vape pen in a hotel, restaurant or bar, inquire to find out if they allow that.

If you are thinking about vaping for the first time, it’s a good idea to fully understand what you are going to be using. There are beneficial vape products that can help with a number of ailments, but you want to stay away from cheaply made products that could put harmful chemicals into your body. Research is everything when you are making any kind of health decision that will affect you for many years into the future.