Undeniable Proof That You Need apple airpod charger: AirPlus (Kickstarter)


You know very well that Apple launches any products with a 2 step strategy in mind. Let’s go back to when Apple first released its flagship phone iPhone 3. If you remember iPhone 3G was released on June 29, 2007, and iPhone 3GS was released on 11 July 2008. That clearly establish the fact that Apple as an organisation strongly believes in user-focused testing. Which means any flaws detected in flagship version will be removed and additional features will be introduced into the pro version.

I mean look at the comparison of Apple MacBooks, iPhones even Apple Watches. So what is it in Apple Airpods which is missing at the moment. Wireless charging yes. A big deal for us The Millenials.

A few days back Mr Tuan Pham who is Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer of HiQ – Home IQ contacted me with regards to reviewing the technology they are using to produce AirPlus and validate it with my research. That triggered me to do an in-depth analysis of how the wireless charging technology works and how it’s going to affect me.

What’s Qi-wireless charging?
There are many standards in the industry which supports wireless charging technology. They are primarily designed for portable gadgets like smartphones, Bluetooth speakers etc. Top three standards which big smartphone companies use are:

  1. Consortium’s Qi
  2. PMA or AirFuel Alliance

That means if you have any gadget supporting technology then you could easily charge them wirelessly on widely available wireless chargers.

Although among both above Qi is getting more and more attention. As Apple has started using this standard and included in iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

How does wireless charging work?

It’s a simple concept of transferring energy via electromagnetic induction. Your hardware will create an alternating electromagnetic field with the help of induction coil. On the other hand, AirPlus will receive the energy via a receiver coil and converts it back to electricity to recharge your AirPods.


How do I wirelessly charge my AirPods?

Obviously, you don’t want to change any of your gadgets with those fluffy and entangled wires anymore. Hence big companies are now investing in wireless charging. To charge your AirPod wirelessly you just need to pop your AirPods into AirPlus and put it on a wireless charging pod. That’s it no strings attached.  

What do I need?

You need only one thing. The all-new AirPlus. Just put your AirPod inside it and place it on any Qi-enabled wireless charger. If you go to Amazon you can easily find multiple wireless charger pads for less than £5. You can imagine how trendy it is.


Is it faster?

Obviously, wireless charging is not as faster as charging with a cable. We are trying here to transfer electrons through the magnetic field. Does that sound techy? Well, I don’t know that for sure but that’s what I guessed.

Although if you compare wireless chargers. You will find that some of them are faster than others. It all depends upon what kind of hardware you are using and what standards it supports. Typically a cable recharges a standard smartphone within 2 to 2.5 hours. They are classified as:

Wattage: 5W and 10W

Output Amperage: 1A USB

Although we are talking about 1A at 5V wireless charging capability here. So in fairness, it’s quite faster.

Does AirPods heat up?
I am not sure at this point. Although most of the smartphones heat up when you charge them wirelessly. Although a major factor creating that heat is the size of the battery. I think it will not affect AirPods as their battery size is not that big and the recharge time is quite low too.   

Let’s have a look at other features for AirPlus:

  1. AirPlus with a built-in notification LED works perfectly fine with any Qi-standard Wireless Charger.
  2. Carefully chosen, precious made, vibrant colour case and then turn it into a necklace or keychain with the built-in strap holder. A compliment to your AirPods.
  3. Dropped and scratched your AirPods? Worry no more. We went through many drop tests with over 20 combinations of materials and compositions to find the perfect compound, extremely durable to protect your AirPods. You’re welcome.
  4. Ease of removal
  5. Unlike the other products, with AirPlus, the AirPod’s pairing button is still accessible. No need to remove AirPlus just to press the button.
  6. Carefully crafted, user-centred design so that you can feel the assured quality with a simple touch of your hand.

So grab an amazing deal now. Below is the Kickstarter link for AirPlus and few facts you should know before considering pledging AirPlus

– Shipping Cost significant REDUCED! A cutoff from 23% to 33.4%
– Great Deals are running out!
+ Super Early Bird AU$ 19 to get AirPlus + 1 Necklace Strap.
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– The campaign will be ended on 12/06/2018
– Shipping AirPlus on 20/06/2018

AirPlus wireless charging for AirPods