Imagine you encounter the most annoying situation that your battery is dead and you have to make an emergency call. Having power banks in this situation will keep you away from the frustration of finding an alternate.

A portable charger can make a huge difference in the usage of mobile devices. There has been an amazing shift towards the usage and buying of portable devices in the past 25 years. You need to charge mobile devices all the time because of the tremendous increase in the usage of these devices. Therefore, you need a power bank. Find out the reviews of best power banks in this video

Type of power bank you need to have depends on your personal needs. If you want a power bank which your devices more than one time than you need a bank with higher capacity. On the other hand, if you don’t have so many devices and need to charge your cell at a faster speed then you need a small and fast power bank. In this guide, you’ll find top features which you should consider while selecting a power bank.

Capacity of Power bank

The main feature which you should look in a power bank is its capacity. It is usually measured in milliAmpere Hour i.e mAH. You cannot calculate the number of times a bank can charge your device but general rule is the more milli ampere hour rating is the more is the capacity of your bank.
The output voltage of your bank should match with the device you need to charge. If you have bank with low voltage then it will not charge your device. Ideally a bank with capacity 2000 mAH can fully charge your device with battery 2000 mAH once. If you have a bank with larger capacity than your device, you will be able to charge it several times. So, while buying a bank always keep in mind the mAH hours of your devices.

USB Charging

Modern power banks have built in feature of USB charging while the older power banks don’t have this feature. In older banks, there is a separate charging cable which you have to carry along with the device. If you want to avoid the mess of carrying extra cables then you should choose that power bank which has USB charging feature.

Price and Quality

Quality and price are very important factors which you should consider while selecting a power bank. Everyone want bank which has lowest price and highest quality. But if you choose a cheap bank, it will not have warranty or high quality. If you look for high quality bank then obviously its price will be high. You should select a bank which has good quality as well as which has a reasonable price. Don’t buy a bank which does not contain basic features like short-circuit and over-charging protection or which either uses refurbished batteries.

These are the most important features which you should keep in mind while selecting power banks for yourself. By considering these points you can select best power bank for yourself from a wide range available in the market.