Control Center

Redesign of control center has been one of the primary feature of every iOS release. Again Apple has recreated and redesigned the whole control panel experience for there users in iOS 11. Now you can customise everything you want in your control panel. There are multiple shortcuts to reachout to different features under your control panel umbrella.

My favrorites are Notes, Voice Memos, Screen Recording and Low power mode. But there are way more than what you are thinking right now. We got Wallet, Do not disturb when you are driving and magnifier. One of the feature I would like to mention is the Guided Access. Although I dont use it much but it is a good one for approximately 15 to 20% of iPhone or apple device users.

Now being a love of user interface design I would say its a great feature to customise the look and feel of the control panel. You can simple go to your settings and change the orders of your shortcuts as you want them in priority.

Now adding cherry on top of a cake makes it look beautiful and more wanting. Similarly apple has added a 3D touch interaction feature on all this above features. That actually make them more usable. One of the happy go lucky feature is when you hard press on your brightness now it toggles phone into night shift (on/off). So if you have not used much 3D features in iOS 10 till date then wake up user, you will be soon.


Screen Recording

When a soldier returns back home its always a surprise for the family. You can image how excited kids get when they see there dad after long time. Hold on to that imagination and think if you can record your screen on iPhone. Wow! feature for which you have been paying from last 4 year is not available in your iOS device for free. Isn’t its great! well for me it is. Its an awesome feature for people who make videos on phone. Sub feature in Screen recording feature is you can snap images when recording the video. As its a part of Control Center. Its very fast and reliable. Do you remember when you record your screen on your macbook. The high quality and robust experience you get out of it. This is what you gonna get on iPhones now. Thanks to Apple that they have made it possible for mobile devices. Certainly more reliable then third party apps.

Markup, Notes, and Files

We all know that iPads are the awesome gadget to draw with apple pencil and create documents and notes. But its also important to consider when it comes to your phone. iOS 11 has got a huge update with regards to markup, notes and Files. So now everytime when you take a screenshot it will appear on the bottom left of the screen and you can easily jump into the markup. little distracting if you take too many screenshots but handy when its meant for a reasonable use.

In a same way if you are not friendly with files usage in iOS. Now you can actually manage your files between devices and accounts. You can also have this features included in third party applications including Google Drive, iCloud etc. but remember you might not be able to read all files on your phone though.

Similarly when my colleagues as me; why don’t you come with your notebook in meetings I reply to them. Well we all work in a digital world and I  kind of reducing carbon footprints by not using the paper. Yes Notes is a great app to use on daily bases. Its not as handy as microsoft one note or evernote. But it does the work it promise. Apple has added lots of new formatting options to it, now you can use it to actually design a reasonable post or a meeting note with desired format.

Storage Optimizations

We all know last year Apple has deserted 16GB phones. Its a bg leap from making a 8GB phone to ditching a 16GB phone. A new iPhone storage menu will save your time as well as increase visibility of what is consuming storage on your phone.

It also provides valuable recommendations like:

  1. offload data for unused apps
  2. auto delete your conversations – too old
  3. how much space you will save by deleting suggested data.

Apart from above features there are tons of more features Apple has added into new iOS 11. If you like this post and what to see more please subscribe.