Hello friends today I’m going to talk about what factors you need to look into before considering studying in UK now I just want to make one thing clear here that I’m not a consultant from any overseas study group or I’m not gonna ask you for ring me or email me your details if you’re thinking of studying in UK I’m just doing this video because I have studied in UK and I’ve gained some experience and I’ve got this information for one of my friend because he’s trying to get enrolled in the university and he tries questioning me on my phone so I just thought this would be a good idea to create a full video and then it will help every other person who is looking for the same kind of information right so let’s get started

so the first thing I would like to share is the map of United Kingdom now you must be thinking that United Kingdom is one single country well it’s not it’s divided into four parts as you can see here this is Northern Ireland Scotland and this part here is England and this is vales this is the four major countries in United Kingdom right now what points I am going to cover in this presentation well I’ll become covering key facts about UK reasons to study in UK very importantly part-time work and enittleman’s because a lot of first student are looking for part-time work so that they can fulfill their you know living cost at at some level standardized exams what are the exams you have to go through before going for a university enrollment time should use for intakes total cost and source of finance entry requirements for undergraduates and postgraduate courses and some of the top universities in the UK okay let’s get started so some of the facts about United Kingdom is London is the capital of United Kingdom and England I should say and the popular cities are London Manchester Sheffield scar Cardiff Birmingham Edinburgh Newcastle or Glasgow cetera travel time from India to United Kingdom is a proxy minutes

I mean it’s it’s it varies like which part of an ear you are flying from Plus which way you are flying from I mean when usually I fly from London to India why are tele sorry London to India to Delhi or Mumbai it takes me around 10 hours but when I travel back from Delhi or Mumbai to London it takes me around 8 or 50 minutes something like that the currency is pound sterling you might have already heard about it so many times right so why you should study in UK Wow UK is one of the most you know diversified countries a lot of immigrants came into UK and settled down and they added value to the community UK has the vast experience of hundreds of years of education and one of I mean I guess top six universities in the world are in UK the amount of money you gonna invest into your education you’re gonna get good value out of it for sure

I got good value out of my graduation and post-graduation so I’m kind of sure that if you choose your university wisely and the course which you really like to do it will be really beneficial and there’s there are many other benefits like the courses are shorter and intensive compared to other countries where you have to study for five years and then you will be studying the same of skillset excellent and world-class academics and education facilities and I guess we got one more than 150 universities to choose from and there’s lots of lots of subject which you can choose from starting from simple bachelors of science to forensic bachelor’s right so I’m one of my French he did a forensic research degree in Newcastle University so I was amazed to know that UK’s one of the countries where you can actually study forensics right all right other parts other factors are it’s affordable it’s quite quite comparatively quite less expensive than other countries like Australia USA Germany it’s quite popular between South Asian countries like India Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka and not just because we have lots of people here from these countries settle down and bringing more more culture here but also because it’s not very away from our country from India because you know it’s 12 or 10 hours away and then the time difference is fiber so you can talk to your family keep in touch with your friends and then they don’t feel like you’re living in a different world because it’s just five and a half or five hours away but if you live in USA or Australia I guess it’s more

I haven’t lived there so I don’t know but people who I know live the in these countries they always complain about we have lost touch with our friends and family just because of the time difference now you can also work ten hours per week as part-time during your studies and diploma courses and you can actually work full-time during your holidays which is 40 hours per week there are many scholarships available for you and many discounts facility is also available so that’s why it’s it’s quite you know good destination to go forward for it does has world-class qualification large areas of specialization flexible programs you know with programs with paid internship and you know they’re there keep updating it annual on annual basis right okay so now let’s move to the duration the biggest advantage of UK education in comparison to other educational destination worldwide is you can provide shorter duration programs so for undergraduates it’s three years and four years in Scotland but for post graduation you can do it in one year

I mean this is fantastic I mean imagine you you’re studying you know I am in India for your MBA or you are doing a Master of Science in USA the minimum tenure you have to go through is 18 months to two years but in UK you can actually finish it with an idea that is amazing that reduces the overall investment that reduces the overall pressure on the students and gives a good amount of scope and intensive you know spectrum of understanding now let’s have a look to the part-time work entitlement I mean lot of my friends who want to come from different countries like Poland France India you know Brazil they always ask me about what are the part and work entitlements I mean if you are in in one of the universities with Tier four license and you’re doing postgraduate course you can actually work for 20 hours during study time and full time during holidays similar for undergraduate students and I guess 10 hours for undergraduate degree level diplomas and if you have any dependents like if you’re married and you’re bringing your husband or C’s or your spouse or your wife who so you wanna it’s you know you’re allowed for course more than 12 months with the NQF level seven you cannot you cannot access publicly available funds for any kind of higher education or your personal benefits or if you are in a private funded college of further higher education which are highly trusted you cannot work part time yeah so it’s only applicable for Tier four licenses right which is majorly most of the international students come under alright let’s move on to International English language test system so you need to get this exam clear these this exam is divided into four part listening reading writing speaking in the listing you have four section of 40 items thirty minutes in reading you have three sections of 40 items 60 minutes in writing you have to do two tasks 150 and 250 words you get 60 minutes for that and in speaking you get 11 to 14 minutes and I let’s test you get the band scale on the scale of nine okay now

what are the requirements for UK universities in terms of English in general where English like language requirement as / UK API and CFR is minimum five point five and overall with five point five in each section although UK VI requirement is five point five but most of the universities require more let’s say for an example if you have a six point zero a six point five overall between you and five point five in each section I guess it would be difficult for you to get into good universities there are some waivers available for eyelets in most of the university if the student has secured more than seventy percent marks in twelfth English language which is for undergraduate students there are two intakes in UK University when is September and the one was January however some universities take some intakes and March up renewable I strongly suggest that you start in January because that’s after the Christmas where the cold winter is on the peak so you get to enjoy that and then you get to see the whole summer and then by the September you will be able to start looking for jobs and different multinational companies and then that will give you more time because you will have some holidays in between right but you can choose for September batch also that’s not a bad deal it’s it’s it’s a good intake in September – although it just you have really less time and you finish your post graduation course after September and I guess you get a couple of months more visa for you know in terms of if you want to extend the course for a few months because of any reason but I strongly suggest that you take January now let’s have a look in terms of total cost per annum incur to you as a student I mean I personally did this costing in rupees which might be related to other countries but it’s majorly for India so I guess for eyelids exam coaching you invest around five thousand fifty rupees average in India maybe less maybe more – no but that’s what I invested the exam fee is around eleven thousand eight hundred for UK VI eyelids and 18,600

I guess if you’re doing a master’s degree or undergraduate degree the average cost would be eleven thousand pounds and the living cost is around six thousand pounds six to seven thousand pounds if you get sponsorship from the University then the visa freeze goes to twice seven thousand eight hundred rupees obviously there’s a new rule added into the visa process which is the NHS health so charge what which is for 150 pounds per year plus seventy five so it will be around twenty three thousand six hundred approximately I mean these are all approximate figures but close by right so that comes total to seven seventeen lakh sixty-eight thousand rupees and 176,000 sorry 1768 thousand Indian rupees in in different units sorry not units the different number system unless part-time earnings I guess I don’t know I mean some people make a lot of money some people don’t make that much money some people doesn’t want to but if you do part-time work if you’re lucky enough any or you are skilled enough to get part-time work straight from when you joined the University and assuming that you work full-time on your holidays that’s the amount you can make which reduce the whole oral cost to 12 lakh eighteen thousand rupees and if you get a some assistance and scholarship that will be an add up obviously of campus frontiers you can work only and during patient foot here so basically you you’re looking to invest around twelve to fifteen lakhs in a year as a total cost for you in terms of getting a degree in UK let’s let’s have a look about the entry criteria for master’s program for high ranked universities student needs around sixty to seventy percent marks in graduation and I would strongly suggest that it will not be sufficient you might need good a number of years of experience also if you are looking for postgraduate course that is an add-on now for middle rank University you might around 55 to 65 percent in your graduation plus experience again and on and very few a university also accept students having fifty percent and above in graduation students who do not meet academic criteria can apply for masters through various pathways by applying premaster leading to master’s course but I strongly suggest there’s no value in investing around a year of pre leading to master

I don’t think so that you are your academically strong enough to go and study in UK if you don’t have these kind of qualification but again you know if you want to try there’s nothing bad to do that obviously you need that I I let’s exam score and and if you’re talking about undergraduate programs you need around 70 to 80 percent marks in your twelfth if you looking for middle rank University around sixty seventy percent and if you’re you know if you’re looking for very low rank University than 50 to 55 percent again there are some foundation course for undergraduate students here and I let’s is required okay so let’s have a look what are the top UK universities according to direct work according to 2018 chart of Hall of Fame so we got our Oxford Cambridge Imperial College of London University College of London UCL London School of Economics one of my favorite Bower Sabah Baker has studied in this college university of edinburgh King’s College London University of Manchester Bristol Glasgow were weak and the ROM University one of the interesting fact of the army university is most of the politicians in UK Parliament comes from the ROM University a Sheffield Queen’s Mary Southampton exit sorry Oakley its Birmingham sent and years Nottingham Sussex University and like Gaston University and Lester Cardiff and Newcastle University so you could go for Cardiff and Newcastle there’s nothing bad and going for them they are really good but I strongly suggest to go for the top ten if you are really top scorer in your undergraduate all graduates and or 12 and you can go for any of these if you are mid above or a you know average student and that’s that’s how it’s gonna be fitting in for your for the studies so guys if you have any other questions related to studying in UK related to cause may be related to but I’m working Tournament give me a comment and then I’ll try to answer them as a friend so I don’t need any favors from you and I’m not doing any favor to anybody but this video might be able to help you for any reasons I don’t know so give me a thumbs up if you liked the video and I’ll wait for your comments thank you have fun.

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