Simple Trick to Unlock Your iCloud Account


You might have already heard about people complaining about Apple’s security issues when hundreds of nude photographs of celebrities were leaked from iCloud. Hackers got into iCloud account and downloaded all the private pictures and shared it on 4chan forum. When this happened, celebrities were scared and started setting up hard non-hackable passwords. But actually, it was not their password issue. It was something related to Apple’s Security.

When FBI started investigating this matter celebrities like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence was involved. I found very depressing that some people on social media were blaming the celebrities for taking their nude pictures and then getting compromised. I mean

“who are you to decide on what pictures I should take”


Although there was another side of the picture. Some people were also accusing Apple’s iCloud service. A service created to store personal pictures, music and other data files on a cloud. The fundamental feature of this service should be making it so secure that no-one should have suffered from this issue.

Now you can imagine considering the height of this issues, what Apple must have done to improvise on iCloud account security.

So what happens if you forgot your password for your iCloud account. What you need to do in order to reactivate your account via iCloud. Well, there is a simple answer to that.

Follow the steps below and you will be able to unlock your iCloud account:

Step 1: Visit this article I found an online on [ Why The Lucky Stiff ]

Step 2:  Scroll down to the service link provided on it.

Step 3: On the back of your iPhone you will see your IMEI number but if you prefer it to see on screen then dial *#06# and then call button. You will see the IMEI number. If your device is not active: On the activation screen, you can see a little “i” icon. When you click on that icon you will see your IMEI number.


Step 4 – It will take few hours to get a  confirmation that your iCloud Lock has been uplifted.

Step 5 – Once unlocked to create a new account and start using your device.

Happy unlocking 🙂



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