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What is The Unboxing Experience?

The unboxing experience is an essential and often overlooked part of marketing. Customers perceive the quality of a product through its packaging, so if the unboxing experience goes smoothly and looks nice, their first impression of your product will be better. A better first impression will lead to people recommending your product to others, as well as making more purchases from your company in the future. For example, if a product is packaged in a box that looks sleek and is made of higher quality materials, and the item comes out of the box with ease, people will think higher of the product than if it comes wrapped in flimsy materials and requires a lot of work to remove from the packaging. Some of the key elements of a great unboxing experience are materials, branding, a social media-worthy appearance, and functional packaging. Learn how to enhance and optimize your product’s unboxing experience to increase business and get higher reviews in this article.

Materials Matter!

The materials you use to package your product should be attractive and of high quality. Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity either, as a package that is too busy can distract from the product. Try to find materials that emphasize the contents of the package rather than the package itself. Using branded materials is another powerful marketing tool, make sure your packaging stands out, and when people see it, they know that it is your brand. Association is powerful, and when people can distinguish your brand just by the box it is wrapped in, and that box is easy to open, and attractive, they will start having positive associations and want to buy more of what you sell. Having a brand identity that is established before the customer even opens the box is vital to creating brand loyalty among consumers.

Remember: Function AND Form

Packaging should be functional as well as attractive. There should not be tons of extraneous, distracting materials. The package should have personality and perhaps even include some slogans for your company on it. The box should work for the customer, meaning when they open it there is little or no struggle, and the product can be easily accessed. Using sturdy and simple materials can assist in this, allowing the product to be protected while still making it easy on the purchaser. Some easy ways to make packaging that is functional include layers, special compartments for each component, and easy to open lids on boxes. Customers like intuitive packaging that helps give them some insight into how the product will work. Lids matter as well. Some of the best box lids in packaging currently are magnetized flaps, shoebox designs, and velcro-type closures. Eco-friendly designs are also popular currently, and if you can use recycled materials or reduce plastic in your packaging, it will receive that much more attention. People want to buy from conscious companies, and by using eco-friendly packaging, you are proving that you run a company that cares.

Social Media Attention

Unboxing should be a sort of occasion, one worthy of posting videos or photos of on social media. Social media is perhaps the best marketing tool of our time, and it is essential to the growth of your brand to ensure that it is “Instagram worthy” in some way. The catch here: the actual product does not have to be something that would have a photo of it posted on its own, the entire package that features your branding should be the photo-worthy object. The packaging should emphasize the best features of the product rather than distract from it, so an understated, classy, and exciting unboxing experience is what you should go for; these are the ones that make it onto social media. Layers are an essential tool here. If a box has multiple items in it, layers are going to offer a sort of reveal quality to the unboxing experience. This element of surprise will make consumers more interested in making unboxing videos since the product inside feels like a surprise to them as well, thus spreading your brand name across the internet.

Create your best unboxing experience and be sure to give it plenty of your own company’s flair, and you will see sales skyrocket! Make extra sure to take advantage of our social media savvy culture while designing the unboxing experience, and it will work to promote your brand. The unboxing experience is the ultimate form of advertisement, so use it to your advantage!

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