It’s essential your business invests in SEO here are 5 reasons why


The online world has dramatically evolved and there are no signs that this will slow down any time soon. Now, more than ever, people access the web through their smartphones and computers and social media is popular amongst mobile users. We live in an interconnected world where social media alerts are the new norm, luring us back to our social profiles many times a day. With this going on are you questioning whether SEO practices are still effective and worth doing in this time and age? 

The answer is a resounding YES! SEO is still effective and definitely worth doing.

SEO is neither outdated nor ineffective. In fact, good SEO practices have never been more important then they are today.

Google still handles around 100 billion search queries monthly, and a bulk of them come from mobile devices. While some practices in SEO may have become outdated (think spammy backlink profiles and keyword stuffed content) the majority of SEO practices are still very much important today.

Below are 5 solid reasons why your business should still take SEO very seriously.


SEO is an asset – it can generate sustained ROI for the life of your business

Mobile technology has integrated the web into our daily existence. These days people can use Google just about anywhere from walking to the bus stop to waiting for your turn in a restaurant drive-through.

People are most likely going to buy products online or visit businesses online as a direct effect of good SEO practices. That is, when your keyword or website ranks high in Google, you will get more clicks from search queries and hence a greater chance of enquiries and sales.

Take your local chiropractic clinic for example. Companies will conduct SEO programs for many chiropractors with the goal of optimizing their website for online search and increasing the number of leads they generate. If someone searches the keyword ‘chiropractor Sydney’ the majority of new customer enquiries will go to the websites that rank in position 1,2 and 3. Hence the goal, through SEO, is to get your website ranking in these top positions. If you can then hold and maintain these rankings, you will enjoy a sustained source of new customers for the life of your business.

Business owners who invest in SEO are much more likely to find their target market and keep them coming back for more.  


SEO boosts conversions

Having websites that are both compatible with smartphones and tablets are necessary today. Responsive web design should give you a site that looks great on all devices and screens.

Now on the other hand, a great website that gets no traffic is no good. The key is having both a responsive website and content that is optimized for search.

When your website is leading the pack in Google search rankings, most people are by default looking to do business with you. You can actually quantify the market size through tools such as Google’s keyword planner. By adding keywords to your site that you know lots of people search for, you will be more likely to attract qualified business prospects.

Having a great website and a high Google search ranking will do wonders for your business.


SEO is ever evolving. If you don’t move with the times, you’ll lose out.

Currently, Google has increased the space they allocate in the search engine results pages for local directory listings, direct answer search queries and PPC ads. This means that the traditional 10 organic search results are competing for clicks with additional listings. SEO has become more critical than ever before in the fight to secure the first page of Google and those highly sought top positions.

Therefore, if you aren’t optimising your website to rank for top keywords on Google search results, you can bet that your rivals are.

SEO will continuously evolve but never cease to exist.

For the past 20 years, SEO has mattered and at the very least it still will for the next couple of decades.

Before the 80’s, radio, print ads and television were the only forms of media by which consumers could learn about products, and they made the decision whether to buy or not in stores.

Today, people make purchasing decisions on their mobile phones. In essence, good SEO has arguably had more impact on consumer behaviours that the old traditional mode of advertisement.


Opportunities abound in Local SEO.

Consumers can find retail outlets, shopping centres, restaurants and a range of other businesses from their mobile phones – research done by Google revealed that at least half of the local searches made resulted in consumers actually visiting the store on the same day.

If you own a business, endeavour to get your business listed on Google My Business and also register your company on top online review websites like Angie’s List, TripAdvisor, Yelp and Urban Spoon.

Do you know the business across the road from you? Perhaps you get referrals from that guy down the street. Reach out to them and ask for a link from their site to yours, or offer them a free article on their website and make sure to include a link back to your site.



SEO is not dead. Rather, it is just as important as ever, maybe more so. Your business needs to know the keywords that drive conversions and your website needs to be effectively optimized for these keywords to allow you to rank on Google page 1.

Whether you are looking for a sustained source of new leads for the life of your business (who isn’t?), want to provide the right information at the right time to potential customers or whether you want to get found locally by your target market, SEO matters.

As the tips in this article tell you, there are rules you need to follow to get SEO right. You don’t want to cut corners or try to play tricks as you may get a penalty, which has destroyed many businesses. Play it safe and focus on producing both great content and an easy user experience and you will be well on your way to skyrocketing your rankings.