People who own iPhone 8 argue that it has the best camera. The Same case applies to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners. To get rid of all the doubts, various factors need to be considered. These factors include the device features and the quality of the image captured. This article compares iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 cameras.

IPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 uses telephoto lenses. The feature allows the devices to take DSLR camera quality photos. Pictures taken using the two differ despite having the same telephoto lens and numerous other similar features.

Images taken using iPhone 8’s ‘Portrait Mode’ have richer colors and excellent contrast. However, the camera is not capable of taking fine details such as precise hair edges. Another weakness of iPhone 8 camera is an inability to balance the background blur. Photos taken using the iPhone 8 have a harsh blurred background.

Photos taken using Galaxy Note 8 are markedly different. The background blur seems natural. Also, there is a feature that allows users to adjust the blur effect. Note 8 has a bright exposure feature that helps in subject illumination. The iPhone 8 doesn’t have this feature. However, it has a function to control the lighting effect. On people portraits, the photos taken using the iPhone 8 seems more natural compared to those of Note 8. However, the blur on photos taken using iPhone 8 is a little harsh.

Optical Zoom

When it comes to zooming capability, both devices have 2X optical zoom. The feature allows users to bring the subject closer before caption. It ensures the quality of the photo is not affected despite the zooming. Photos taken using the iPhone seems to have warmer tones compared to Note 8 photos. Contrariwise, photos taken using Note 8’s 2X optical zoom seems sharper and detailed.

IPhone 8 stands out as the best whenever taking selfies. Its selfie camera ensures that the images captured are clear and well detailed with little or no blur. Taking selfies using Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t produce great results as iPhone 8. It applies level two airbrushes automatically-it makes images appear blurred, edited and unnatural. Selfies taken using iPhone 8 appear more natural with vibrant colors and excellent contrast. However, the selfies taken using Note 8 are better than most phone cameras on the market.

Close Up Photos
On close-ups, photos taken using the two devices appear more vibrant, and for iPhone 8 the contrast is well regulated. The Photos taken using Note 8 images look sharp and detailed. You can tell the difference between the two. Getting too close to the subject doesn’t affect the quality of the pictures taken using Note 8. However, close up taken photos using iPhone 8 have a lower quality since the focus is affected. Note 8 has a manual focus mode for precision. Focusing on close subjects using iPhone 8 camera can be quite challenging.

Taking photos in poorly lit areas using iPhone 8 has a great impact on the quality. The device requires a luminous environment to deliver quality photos. Galaxy Note 8 beats the iPhone photos taken in dark places. Its photos appear to have a well-balanced contrast and less blue shades. Galaxy Note 8 brightens the shot to ensure the picture is well detailed and all colors correlate. Note 8 is the best camera phone to take photos in poorly lit or dark environments.

Photos of Outdoors and Landscapes
Photos taken using Galaxy Note 8 have low color temperatures, this makes them appear crisp and beautiful. On the other hand, iPhone 8 takes photos that are warm and colorful. Choosing the best phone camera depends on the personal preference. Taking photos of fluids like water droplets and ripples, Galaxy Note 8 stands out as the best. IPhone 8 excels at capturing pictures of natural phenomena such as clouds, the sky, and the horizon.

The Verdict
Choosing the best phone camera between iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can be quite hard. It is a decision that relies more on the personal preference than all other factors. Both phone cameras are great. Some people love more colorful photos while others go for detail.

In most cases, the Galaxy Note 8 camera focuses on details and clarity. IPhone 8 concentrates on tone and colors of the image. Galaxy Note 8 can take greats photos at any given time while iPhone 8 doesn’t take great photos in the dark. IPhone 8 has more features that are automatic compared to Note 8. Focusing on the camera, the Galaxy Note has dual lenses while iPhone 8 has a single camera lens.