No matter what kind of business you have, the speed of your internet connection is one of the most crucial aspects of success. A fast connection means more customers served and a better online presence, all of that leads to a better and more sustainable business. With all this in mind, having a fast connection is critical, so here are three easy steps to teach you how to maximize internet speed for your business.


One sure-fire way to speed up your connection is by switching to a wired connection. A wired connection (specifically an ethernet cable, token ring or similar) provides the same connectivity you’d get from Wi-Fi services but with the obvious difference of a wire connecting your computer to your modem or router. This has a number of advantages from greater reliability and stability with your connection to greater data transfer capacity. While this does sacrifice the portability of something like a laptop and can mean drilling holes into your walls if your space isn’t already set up in a way to accommodate them, but the benefits mean a quicker, less buggy and more reliable service.

Better Coverage

If you’re using Wi-Fi, you probably already know how hit-or-miss connections can be. One easy way to standardize your connection is by improving the coverage in the area you’re using the internet. There are products and systems designed to increase the range of Wi-Fi coverage. These work to, in simple terms, boost the signal so that it covers a wider area than it would otherwise. This means you can connect more reliably with a faster speed from further away. If your business depends on people being able to move around while doing their online tasks, this is a major plus.

Change the Channel

A lesser-known way of optimizing your internet speed is by changing your Wi-Fi channel. Wi-Fi works by broadcasting an internet connection over a large area, so even users connecting using different routers may still be clogging up the same signal. Changing your Wi-Fi channel is a way to get yourself onto a less-connected but still strong signal. This means less traffic on your connection and fewer people using up resources, all resulting in a quicker connection for everyone. Internet speeds are critical to operating a business efficiently.

Use these three techniques to ensure that your speeds are lightning fast.

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