(Tip!) How to increase domain authority fast


Without wasting your time I would like to say that you have to consider doing following things in order to increase your domain authority fast:

  1. Your domain name should be specific and relevant to your service and industry. So always try to pick something which is telling your story.
  2. Optimise your web page (index page) which includes your title tags, image alt tags, and obviously content.
  3. Always produce high-quality content so that when a reader is reading it. They are more inclined to share it.
  4. You can always include internal links to improve the user experience.
  5. Do a bad link and broken link search online and remove them instantly. Your website health depends upon how many broken links are there on your website.
  6. Always design your website with an approach called mobile first.
  7. Keep checking your mobile domain authority on moz online link tool
  8. Google likes fast websites. Hence you should always make sure your website loads fast to reduce bounce rate.
  9. Do content distribution and promotion via social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+., LinkedIn, Snapchat.

Tip: But the most important thing to do in order to increase your domain authority is to create backlinks from high authority domains. So I have a list of 35 domains which you can easily get a link back from.