Although people have been growing food crops for millennia, agriculture has transformed a lot in the last twenty years. There have been so many technological developments and discoveries that have been made in the agricultural industry. Consider these changes that have occurred during the previous two decades.

Genetically Modified Organisms

GMO seeds have allowed farmers to yield bigger crops than ever before, and they are doing it on less land. By the turn of the century, varieties were being developed and grown that were resistant to insects so that use of pesticides could be reduced. Fast forward twenty years. Now, GMO seeds can help farmers grow crops that are resistant to weeds, viruses, and even drought. This has not only increased yields, but it has also increased profits in the agricultural sector.

Knowledge and Experience

Twenty years ago, very few farmers had access to the internet. Most wisdom was acquired from firsthand trial and error or colloquial wisdom that had been passed down. They could not learn from other farmers who were not in their geographical area. Today, farmers all over the world can connect with one another, which can help one individual who is struggling with a problem learn from someone else who has found a solution. Farmers also have immediate access to many more tools that have been developed to help them produce bigger crops without working as hard to do it. For example, they can now compare farm equipment from the comfort of their home office before making a purchase or use a seed comparison tool to select crops.

Specialized Markets

Many farmers today are finding niche markets that help them stay profitable. Examples include selling cage-free chickens, raising organic produce or creating craft beers and wines from the ingredients they grow. Farmers have also cultivated markets for products that were previously not eaten in a particular geographical area. For example, you can now go to many high-end steakhouses and get a Wagyu steak or find a burger made from bison meat. The ability to talk to consumers around the world and explain why their products are better has improved through the use of the internet. People are getting to know farmers and discovering that they’re dedicated to their produce and the consumers who depend upon it. This has created a new level of understanding.

There are many different ways that farming has changed over the last two decades. As farmers continue to try new ideas and work with researchers around the world, agriculture will continue to evolve far into the future. Keep abreast of current farming news to see the latest developments unfold.

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