Due to the rapid technological advancements, like many other electronic gadgets, mobile phones also have become obsolete, which made mobile recycling a very relevant issue today. It has become necessary to recycle or reuse discarded obsolete phone devices to contribute to the environmental efforts. In mobile phone recycling, old and even broken phones serve a different purpose. This means that they have some worth and can be repaired or updated for further use instead of just throwing them away.

Many believe that mobile phone recycling process is the answer to the increasing number of e-waste around the world. Approximately, 95 million unwanted and obsolete mobile phone devices are produced each year in the UK and it is expected to increase even more in numbers exponentially over the next decade. The alarming thing is that only 20% of them are recycled and rest of them still lying in the drawers or have ended up in the landfills.

This is becoming a major concern mainly because the components of the mobile phones contain toxic chemicals that contribute to increasing the problems of global warming and deforestation. Let’s take a look at how mobile phone recycling can be beneficial not only for and environment but also for the tech industry.

Significant Benefits of Mobile Phone Recycling

Throwing a mobile phone away is banned in the UK and many other countries. Yes, it is legally prohibited to get rid of mobile phones in the landfills because it can be hazardous for us and other living things on the planet. So, everyone should consider mobile phone recycling to dispose off e-waste in a proper manner.


It Protects the Environment

One of the most noteworthy benefits of mobile phone recycling is that it protects the environment. But now the question is; how? There are lots of harmful substances such as lead, coltan, cadmium, chromium, selenium, mercury, arsenic, beryllium, and flame retardants etc. used to make a mobile phone. When old mobile phones are discarded or buried in a landfill, these substances produce toxic chemicals that are distributed in the air causing hazardous pollution as well as it also causes to harm soil and groundwater. To minimize and avoid these environmental problems, mobile phone recycling should be considered.

One single cadmium mobile phone battery has the potential to pollute up to 600 thousands litres of water if not disposed of properly.

It Saves Energy

Many of us think that mobile phones consume energy but they also save energy. Yes, it is absolutely right. When they are discarded through a mobile phone recycling process, they help in saving energy. According to a recent stat, it is found that recycling a single mobile phone device helps in saving energy needed by a laptop to go on for 40 hours. So, just imagine the amount of energy saved on recycling all discarded phones now available in the UK. When the pre-existing material found in mobile gadgets is used or reused, the energy required production and transportation of a new product is saved.  


It Recovers Precious Metals

Another benefit of mobile phone recycling is that it recovers precious metals such as copper, zinc, silver, gold, and many more and put to use again. Did you know 95 million discarded phones contain about 20 metric tons of valuable gold? Yes, it is. If you see it further, only 6000 mobile phones have £10000 worth precious metals, containing 130kg of copper, 3.5 kg of silver, and 340 g of gold. So, why not choose mobile phone recycling for reserving these valuable metals instead of wasting them as junk.


It Power Up Laptops

Yes exactly. Mobile phone recycling helps in saving the energy to power up laptops. According to recent facts and figures, each mobile phone that is recycled can save sufficient energy to power a laptop for almost 44 hours. All of the mobile devices that are added to the landfills each year in the UK offer enough power to provide electricity to thousands of homes for a whole year!


You Get The Most Money in Return

If you think you get nothing when you put your old unwanted mobile phones, you are totally wrong. Through mobile phone recycling, where you participate in promoting the Green environment, you also get a chance to earn money in exchange for your mobile phones. Yes, a number of mobile phone recycling companies have come into presence, which aim to encourage people for mobile phone recycling. For this, they buy all kinds of mobile gadgets and pay good prices for them.


Where to Sell Mobile Phones for Recycling?

According to a recent statistics, UK people prefer to upgrade their mobile phones every 11-18 months, while the average life of a mobile phone is about 7 years. The reason is that new upgraded versions of all popular brands are continuously coming in the markets and people are getting excited to own them.

On the other hand, when they upgrade their handsets, they generally put their old phones in dusty drawers and then after sometimes dump them into trash bins to get rid them of. This is the worst things that we do with our phones. So, why not consider selling old phones for recycling? Yes, mobile phone recycling is the best option that not only makes you proud as you will take a part in saving the environment as well as you will get some cash incentive. So, don’t think more and start looking for the best place where to sell the mobile phones that you don’t want anymore.

If you ask my recommendations in this regard, I will refer you mobile phone comparison websites. Yes, selling mobile phones through comparison websites is a wise option that can help you get the highest price for your handset in a very short time. With a single click, you can get a fair comparison of recent prices offered by top recycling companies for your mobile device. Then you are free to choose any deal of your choice. So, simply look for one of the most reputable comparison websites such as SellTheMobile and get the maximum benefits of mobile phone recycling.  



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