Members of our modern society are inclined to simply accept that pressing the button labeled “order” means that the merchandise they’ve selected will quickly appear. However, the technological requirements behind same- or next-day delivery can be complex. From product selection to delivery of the goods, technological advances continue to improve this process.

Inventory Software

Maintaining an accurate count of their inventory means that companies must track products to the point of delivery. Inventory system integration has to start at the warehouse and continue through to the delivery site. Drivers are an integral part of inventory management and will need the right tools in the field such as tablets that allow them to note inventory level changes at the point of sale or drop-off. Such technology will keep your inventory tracking system up to date all the way to the point of delivery. With the right tools, you can also create a “bucket” or field that shows the general location of your product. With this function, you’ll know whether an item is in the warehouse, on the loading dock or on a truck.

Route Finding With GPS

Drivers must have access to up-to-the-minute notifications of travel challenges such as accidents, construction barriers and other factors that can slow delivery. Of course, one of the big challenges for any delivery driver is traffic. Fortunately, up-to-the-minute GPS notifications can alert a driver to a new cause of delay. These navigation tools must be set up to allow the driver to be hands-free, however. It’s advised that using a GPS while driving could be distracting. For the safety of delivery drivers, other travelers on the road and product itself, a GPS mount must be included in every delivery vehicle.

Payment Management

Regardless of the size of your business, you may struggle to manage payments picked up by the driver. Technological improvements in swiping cards such as processing tickets through Square allow drivers to collect from clients at the point of delivery, keeping costs down for sellers and giving buyers more control. If a consumer is concerned about reciting their credit card number over the phone, the option to buy at their own door via Square can reduce this worry.

Structuring your delivery technology for driver safety and up-to-the-minute inventory management will provide you with information you need to keep your business running smoothly. Remember that your drivers are an integral part of your supply chain.

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