Technology has changed all aspects of our modern society, and law enforcement is no exception. From the equipment they use to the enhanced technological opportunities they are given, our law enforcement officers have seen their safety dramatically improved as a result of modern technology. But just how, exactly, has modern technology changed law enforcement? Here are a few ways.


Thanks to technology, it is easier than ever for police to communicate. Body microphones, laptops in police cars, and mobile devices have made it extremely easy for police to keep in touch with fellow officers, headquarters, and members of the public. However, that technology involves more than just high-tech options for police. It also involves making it easier for the public to call or message the police, thanks to cellphones and texting. Events can also be easily recorded and sent to police via the cameras that are on all of our phones, helping to catch countless criminals, and ensure that the police will have a harder time getting away with more egregious acts of abuse.

Non-Lethal Options

Police no longer have to rely on a billy club if they want to subdue a suspect without using their gun. Advanced forms of tear gas, tasers, bean-bag guns, and more all provide for more passive, safer ways for police to disable an armed or aggressive suspect without necessarily inviting a fatal response. This helps end a violent scene while also maintaining community trust.

That’s not to say that this technology doesn’t require regular maintenance. For your safety, you must maintain tasers to avoid malfunctions.


Technology has dramatically changed the nature of police surveillance. In older times, surveillance meant two officers sitting in a car, watching a suspect or an apartment. Those days are long gone, having been replaced by drones, bomb-defusing robots, body-cameras (which protect both the police and the public they serve), pinhole audio-visual equipment and more. This technology has made police overreach more possible. But by and large, it has represented an extremely positive development when it comes to keeping society safe.

Technology has, without a doubt, dramatically influenced law enforcement by improving the safety of law enforcement officers as well as the people they serve. That is not to say that these issues have come with no problems as privacy concerns have been raised repeatedly by activists. On the whole, however, these technological advances have been a good thing and help make all of us safer.

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