Running a business today is easier than ever thanks to the amount of data that is at your fingertips. In the past, you’d have to rely on tedious forms of tracking and analyzing that would cost time and money. However, today’s technology performs a lot of that work for you, allowing you to bypass confusing numbers and get right to the core of the results you need to transform your business.

Accurate Measures of Success

Using data to examine your company’s finances will give you a detailed look at how successful you are. Rather than just glancing at your financial statements and hoping you’re in the black, you can measure out your progress. Measuring items, such as revenue and gross profit margin will give you a clearer idea of how your business needs to tweak its operations in order to thrive. Set some key performance indicators, like sales growth, so you can see over time how your business is performing, which will allow you to respond during slower times before it’s too late.

Targeted Marketing

Marketing and advertising used to be tricky areas to evaluate for performance, but not anymore. Utilizing marketing analytics can increase your ROI and directly increase sales. By identifying which channels are bringing customers to your website, you can amp up your efforts there and scale back spending on platforms that perform poorly. Using A/B testing, you can also see which items customers most respond to, like subject lines or images. This is a great way to pinpoint exactly how to reach your customers to maximize your marketing dollars.

Order Fulfillment

Using data to streamline your order fulfillment process can pay off in dividends for your business. From identifying ways to restructure your inventory positions on slow-selling items, to pinpointing which products are on their way to becoming a best-seller, data will save you money. Data can also help you get orders out the door and into your customer’s hands even faster than before. By looking at the systems you have in place and examining your processes, you’ll be able to find weak spots that are dragging you down. Data can also show where you may be bleeding money during the fulfillment process, like packaging and shipping.

There are so many ways to put data to work for your business. Getting a more accurate measure of your successes, helping you understand how to better target your market, and knowing your order fulfillment can really take your business to the next level and help transform your business in a positive way.

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