A year ago, America had goals and direction, but COVID-19 changed everything. However, despite the pandemic—and in part because of it—many digital innovations have been accelerated. Many of these will be kept as industry standards, even after COVID-19. Some industries have even changed dramatically. What has happened this past year to digital innovations, and how are they going to affect your life?

Health Care

While nobody would wish for a pandemic in their nation, because of the needs of patients and also the need to prevent as much infection as possible, many health care agencies have drastically changed practices. From therapists and physicians beginning to offer digital, at-home visits to hospitals having new ways to monitor health, a lot has changed. Major industries in medical devices have realized they can monitor effectively from the cloud without needing to do home visits. With the use of drones, medical supplies have been able to be dropped into remote locations as well. Even chatbots have been enlisted into the service of finding and treating, or diagnosing whether treatment is needed, for COVID-19.


While in the past, finding a loan for home buying has been complicated in person, that process is being streamlined as well. More enjoyable, it’s also being moved completely online, for contactless home mortgage acceptance. Two-thirds of home buyers would now prefer a digital mortgage. Mortgage brokers are increasingly able to match lenders to the potential homeowners who are searching for loans.


While educational UX was a barely beginning industry before the pandemic, it has exploded into the forefront of family needs during COVID-19. Bringing all schooled online, whether temporarily or permanently, caused the need for educational design to come into the forefront of the minds of all teachers and school districts. The way schools operated changed dramatically as more and more schools shifted online. Whereas before, a disability could set back gaining an education now many students can access school more easily.

Many things have been horrible about pandemic lockdowns, and the deaths in the nation have been horrific. However, because of so many forced changes in so many industries, the world has changed. By continuing this after the pandemic, both nontraditional students with jobs and careers, disabled individuals, and those living far from their programs or physicians have better options.

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