Whether you realize it or not, artificial intelligence is having a massive impact on all of our lives, affecting everything from the marketing communications we get to the way we speak with people—or don’t speak with people—when we go shopping. Indeed, artificial intelligence has become smarter than ever before, often understanding our needs, wants and how to get us to spend more money before we’re even aware of it. In countless ways, it is affecting our world, changing society and altering basic human functions. Here’s a quick look at three ways in which artificial intelligence is shaping our society.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving vehicles rely on GPS maps to navigate through road construction and accidents and will require continual, accurate updates to drive themselves safely. Indeed, they can significantly cut down on driver error, which is the number one cause of all driving accidents. Many self-driving cars are being tested now, and it is highly possible that they will take over more and more driving functions. This will have massive impacts on our society, the way we travel and the automotive and trucking industries. This will require governmental change as well, as safety and licensing regulations will have to be updated in order to ensure that it is legal for these artificially intelligent vehicles to operate.

Virtual Assistants

Automated virtual assistants are becoming more popular. These virtual assistants, whose programming is governed by artificial intelligence, have the capacity to manage basic functions like booking appointments, sending Emails and reminding you to do certain tasks. In the business sense, virtual assistants can be programmed to provide basic chat or phone support, thus providing customer service across a variety of functions.

Automating Jobs

One of the ongoing trends in the labour market is how artificial intelligence is reshaping the job market, automating more jobs and pushing humans out of different fields. While technological advances are common in the labour market, the trends are accelerating into entirely new fields that had typically been more resistant to automation, such as law, medicine, and banking. Already, these technological advances have vastly changed how many businesses are run and how we interact with technology when we shop.  In the long run, artificial intelligence will impact more and more fields, taking over jobs which it was previously thought could only be managed by humans. This, of course, will not only impact people who are affected by the services provided by these jobs but the people who work in them as well.

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in technology, and there will not be a single person on the planet whose life is not impacted by these changes. Being aware of these changes is vitally important for everyone, as it helps you plan your life, finances and career changes. Keep an eye on this space—it will be important over the coming years as AI is used in nearly every industry in the world.
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