A lot of emphasis has been placed on protecting the environment lately, especially thanks to some of the latest actions taken by our new President. While the added emphasis is new, the trend in that direction isn’t. For some time now, there has been a push in the real estate industry to be more conscious about the impact homes and their construction have on the environment. For buyers looking for more eco-friendly homes, there are some things worth looking out for.

Native Landscaping

Curb appeal is a big deal in real estate, but when it comes to environmentally friendly landscaping, going native is one of the better options out there. Opting to use native plants in the yard helps conserve water and promotes the local ecosystem. These plants are already conditioned to not just survive, but to thrive in their natural climate. They are an already existing part of the ecosystem, so they’ll support the local animal life too. It’s a far better option than using invasive plant species which can have a distinctly negative impact on the local environment, no matter how good they might look.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in a home is doubly attractive since it reduces both the environmental impact the home has and the cost of electricity bills. You’re more likely to find energy-efficient features with a new home. While some energy-efficient features, such as appliances, may not be included with the sale of the home, others, such as light bulbs, energy-efficient windows, and quality, environmentally friendly insulation typically do. Look for built-in energy efficiency to ensure that you’ll continue to reap such benefits after the sale is finalized.

Solar Panels

The usefulness of solar panels depends on the amount of sun the region gets, but lack of sun isn’t usually something that needs worrying about in southern California. These days, solar panels are typically installed on the roofs of homes. You get the most energy production from south-facing panels, but depending on the slope of your roof you may not be limited to just that one direction. Depending on the size of your property, you also have the option of having the panels installed on ground mounts. As a bonus, they’re easier both to clean and install.

For the environmentally concerned home buyer, there are some things to look for when purchasing a home. Start as soon as you see the home by looking for native plants in the yard. Once inside, look for energy-efficient features. Solar panels are another good thing to look for. These features help reduce the impact the home has on the environment and will continue to do so moving forward, making the home an environmentally friendly option.

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