In the era of social media marketing, many billboard companies are suddenly seeing a sharp decrease in customers. Despite the original push back on the concept of digital billboards, they have become commonplace everywhere. This new direction not only allows a company to look modern, but it dramatically increases the opportunity to acquire more than one client at a time. This means lower rates and more exposure for small companies seeking to get off the ground quickly. So, are digital billboards really worth a business’ investment?

Easier to Change and Customize

One of the most obvious benefits of a digital billboard is the flexibility of digital design. Traditional billboards are placed once and often cost as much or more to make any changes to it. Austin Williams Marketing advises that digital options make your marketing strategy smarter. They allow companies to request a change of color, words, and some digital billboards can even play short videos for extra engagement value. This flexibility is often the number one seller for most companies seeking to advertise locally.

Makes Billboard Marketing More Accessible to Small Businesses

Digital billboards are a great way for small businesses advertise to their target demographics for a reasonable price. Clear Channel Direct reminds that the size and length of time you rent the billboard are very important cost factors. Because since digital billboards take little to no maintenance, it can be much cheaper to market through this medium than through radio or television. This affordability has caused many small businesses and even organizations, such as colleges, to begin marketing on billboards once again.

Retention Rates

Many of us are used to seeing and paying attention to digital content. We walk by a store at the mall, and more often than not, they will have a video playing at their display window. This isn’t simply done to take up space, according to Air Tame, digital content captures more attention and engages more than a static image. This same concept is used on a larger scale, such as digital billboards. Why? Because it works. Data has shown that consumers are more likely to look at bright digital colors than a still image.

Just when we thought that the age of billboards was about to come to an end, technology saves it. Not only has it saved this industry, but it has also opened up to companies that may not have been able to afford it before. There is no doubt; digital billboard marketing is the way to go when advertising locally.

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