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Simple Trick to Unlock Your iCloud Account

You might have already heard about people complaining about Apple's security issues when hundreds of nude photographs of celebrities were leaked from iCloud. Hackers got into iCloud account and downloaded all the private pictures...

25 Undeniable Apps You Need for Your Travel

This infographic was created by Oliver’s Travels and features the 25 best travel apps.

how to create an app for free and make money

Step 1: Set a Goal. Step far from any type of innovation and get out a pen and paper and characterize what it is you need to fulfill. The beginning line in...

Who built Great Zimbabwe? And why?

Stretched across a tree-peppered expanse in Southern Africa lies the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, a medieval stone city of astounding wealth. Located in the present-day country of Zimbabwe, it’s the site...

How Technology is Shaping the Way Customers Find Small Businesses

Technology has dramatically changed our world in the past few decades. With the rise of the internet and smartphones, we do everything differently now. The most significant change that we have...

Why HTML5 Has Replaced Flash Video Almost Entirely

At one time Flash videos were practically everywhere. Almost all online videos utilized it (including YouTube), and it was preferred over any other format. Today however, Flash video is starting to become...
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