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Are Smartphone Batteries Getting Better or Worse?

Few things are more frustrating than getting a low-battery alert on your phone before the morning is over. For years, consumers have been expressing their frustration over the short life of...

Why HTML5 Has Replaced Flash Video Almost Entirely

At one time Flash videos were practically everywhere. Almost all online videos utilized it (including YouTube), and it was preferred over any other format. Today however, Flash video is starting to become...

5 Best Apps to Learn Piano on Android

Leaning a Piano is no more a clumsy task as there are a lot of sources available over the internet for it. In the earlier times, a person had to visit...

How Mobile Recycling Is Changing Technology

Due to the rapid technological advancements, like many other electronic gadgets, mobile phones also have become obsolete, which made mobile recycling a very relevant issue today. It has become necessary to...

Top 25 new features of iOS 11

Control Center Redesign of control center has been one of the primary feature of every iOS release. Again Apple has recreated and redesigned the whole control panel experience for there users in...

3 Ways Technology is Improving Employee Experience for Deskless Workers

There are many reasons why deskless employees are the backbone of a company. They are usually the employees who work out on the sales floor greeting and assisting customers...
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