Google Launch Test your site with it and rank faster

Google launched a new tool focused to help business owners to determine if their website performance is up to the mark or not. This tool analyses your website and checks if it...

iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy Note – Which Camera is Best?

People who own iPhone 8 argue that it has the best camera. The Same case applies to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners. To get rid of all the doubts, various factors...

Scrum Roles and Responsibilities UK 2018

If you want to watch this video directly on the youtube then here is the link Scrum Roles and Responsibilities UK 2018

Only 10 slides you will ever need for your Startup Pitch

The purpose of your startup pitch is to simulate the interest. It is not there to cover all aspects of your startup and burden the audience with too much information. So basically...

New Photography Trends To Watch In 2018

New Photography Trends To Watch In The Coming Year Photography remains one of the most dynamic fields of art. It is driven by evolving consumer needs as well as advances in technology....

Amazon reached 70 billion in revenue

You may not realise while doing daily online shopping how much a giant marketplace like Amazon makes in a quarter. Well, today Amazon posted Q4 earnings. They reported $72.4 billion in...


Sensors and Other Gadgets: The Keys to a Good Security System

Protecting your home and family doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. Home security gadgets are changing the way we look at safety in...

A brief history of goths