Have you ever crossed a Ferrari while you were walking on roads of central London and you thought ohh; How can I get one of these for me?

What if I tell you no matter what you do or how much you earn there is a way you can actually buy a Ferrari for $1. Yes, I am not joking at all.

If you want to know how then keep reading…

But before I tell you that let me share a quote from Robert Kiyosaki; writer of the famous Rich dad poor dad title.

“The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they use their time.” —Robert Kiyosaki

This statement is absolutely correct as it says you have to use your time wisely.

I am not asking you to start saving money every day or invest in stock or even borrow a loan from the bank to get a Ferrari.

Hmm… I have never heard anyone buying a Ferrari with a car loan though lol…

Let get on it

There is an app called Allyos, you can download it on your Android or iPhone and simply start buying things for $1.

There is a simple way by which you can just buy any product listed on this app.

Let’s have a look what is the process and how it works: wait why do you want to read about it if there is a explainer video:

Still if you want to read, here is the purport for the video above.

Allyos is the first social shopping solution the Allyos app offers you a completely new innovative shopping solution that boasts a significant price
advantages of up to 99.99% off over traditional and outdated forms of shopping.

What is Social Store?

A Social Store is a hybrid store consisting of two store sides. On one side is the Social Shopping side where we buy everything together, on the other side is the Marketplace where you can spend all the discounts you collected during social shopping. Building 2 stores into 1 brings you the highest benefits. Premium products, highest discount with money back guarantee.

What is Social Shopping?

Just like in any classic online or offline store, all items have a fixed price. Here you don’t pay alone; we pitch in for the price together within a defined time period. Think of it as the crowdfunding of products on a balanced platform. Shoppers can add only $1 per item per hour.

3 outcomes can occur:

  1. Unsuccessful Round
    The price of the product is not 100% collected within the defined time period. There were not enough interested buyers, so social shopping was deemed unsuccessful. In this case, every participant gets their deposits back in full in their own app wallet. The store automatically restarts the sale, until stocks last.
  2. Successful Shopping – Yours
    The full price of the product is collected before the time is up. Social shopping is deemed successful. An algorithm randomly selects one participant who is now able to buy the product for what she/he added to the purchase price. You’re the one selected, so you can buy the item for the amount you pitched in. The item is shipped to you free of charge, or you can collect it from a pickup point.
  3. Successful Shopping – Not Yours
    The full price of the product is collected before the time is up, social shopping is successful, but you’re not the one randomly selected. In this case, thanks to the 2 in 1 store, you lose nothing. The amount you added to the purchase price of the item is fully credited back to you, and you can spend it on the other side of the hybrid store in the Marketplace as additional discount on the same items and on a whole lot more.

What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a classic discount store. It’s the other side of the hybrid store where wholesale and special reseller discounts offered to Allyos by its supply partners are fully available to the users. The Marketplace operates without profit, so low prices are guaranteed by default. All amounts spent on fruitless social shopping are collected and credited here. This amount can be spent on all Marketplace items, so the low prices can be pushed even lower.


  • Allyos was founded by Chris and Joe in February 2016.
  • After clearing the concept and vision several experts have joined the core team.
  • An international e-commerce and investment company (LogicLife Inc.) has backed and seeded the Allyos development and tests for 3 years with half a million USD, sealing several global patents for the project.
  • Allyos was published first for one market only as a launch, in Hungary on 22nd November 2018.
  • The local media and news outlets, including the 3 biggest ones have picked up the story and bragged about its international potential, even announced Allyos Social Store as a “Bomb Business and most potential startup of the year” in December 2018.
  • Many of the global premium household brands are offered in the Social Store and on its Marketplace side as it brings the most value to the product partners as well.
  • Allyos project was invited to the first ever Shark Tank business pitch show in Hungary on the biggest national television in March 2019 where the already successful and traction gaining project asked for 3 million USD plus 1 million USD line of credit from the Sharks (5 local investors). They thought the idea is ingenious but the asking price is too high.
  • The Shark Tank Hungary TV show brought another 20.000 downloads and users to the revolutionary e-commerce platform and put it in the spotlight of several Venture Capitalist firms and Investment Fund managers.
  • One famous and successful international investor has offered 2 million USD funding for the project to gain up speed by opening to the whole European Union market with special focus on Germany, Spain and the UK.
  • Joe B. Panamera CEO and co-founder of Allyos promises surprising and unseen features in the free mobile app as the development is on high speed and the focus on the North American market in 2020.

Download the app now: After you download the app and register you should go to the “Allyos News” section in the menu. There you can reedem this code: HHAY10 for a 10% bonus for your first Topup.

Concept video: