Smartwatches are presumably here to stay, but are they merely part of a fad to be forgotten within the next fifteen years? Or are these newer gadgets part of a wave of new technology that will only grow more important? A few trends in smartwatches worthy of further exploration will help provide an answer.

What Can You Do with a Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are a form of wearable technology. Although they share much in common with wearable fitness devices, they have a greater range of features, including social media and other apps used on phones. Smartwatches are joining smartphones as a prime cause of distracted driving. One of the biggest challenges facing wearable tech owners, in light of this statistic, is knowing how to balance being connected with staying safe on the road. Otherwise, many will see this technology as more of a risk than a benefit. The public as a whole is more likely to accept innovations that they do not see as a public nuisance.

Failure to Catch Up

While smartwatches have some of the same functionality as smartphones, their scope is limited in comparison to phones. Many of the apps that run on these watches require synching with a smartphone or tablet for full functionality. Although this type of wearable tech likely isn’t going to disappear soon, it has substantial improvements to make to match the features of phones and tablets. Although catching up with other devices is within reach, some developers have been slow to adapt to this trend. Many popular apps remain available only for use on phones, tablets, or computers. Until these apps are open to a broader audience, they will lag.

A Continuous Market for Mechanical Watches

Despite a downturn in mechanical watch sales, sales in the luxury mechanical watch market have grown in recent years. Manufacturers have started blending smart features with traditional designs. The blending of both styles has made it possible for favourite brands to keep up with prevailing trends. Few can afford luxury watches; however, integrating mechanical and smartwatch features in models with a lower cost are likely to become popular. As more consumers discover what these watches can do, they will likely want to embrace the technology. Offering more options is expected to increase demand.

Although smartwatches show more signs of being a constant innovation than a passing trend, they are going to have some catching up to do to keep up with technological advances. Adaptation to newer technology is essential if smartwatches are to stay relevant in modern culture. But who knows? Only time will tell if smartwatches are around to stay or if they will be replaced by something completely new in the future.

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