I think one of the most beautiful things about YouTube is that it makes the world a smaller place. YouTube videos, they’re more personal and more real than a commercial on TV.  The lifeblood of YouTube is sharing.

But do you think we can improve youtube experience in a way that our website viewers get more user friendly experience when they visit out website and consume contents which are embed from youtube on our web pages. Well we got 10 ways here which will help you to achieve the same.

Autoplay: when you have a product or services to sell. it’s important to convey a message so that the visitor understand exactly what the product or service meant to provide. One of the crucial part of it is when we should launch the explainer video on the landing page because in some scenarios user might get bond to your landing page information but has not clicked on the explainer video you might miss the opportunity to convert the user into a buyer. Hence autoplay functionality is handy and abundantly used on several platforms. This has been noticed by YouTube and they have provided the same functionality on YouTube player now for everyone who want to autoplay video contents on their websites.

Controls: you might have noticed this on many YouTube players that when they were embedded into different websites sometimes you see the controls on the video and sometimes you don’t. The reason behind it is now YouTube provide the feature support of enabling or disabling the YouTube video controls on that embedded video.

Colour: sometimes it is very important to make sure your branding is consistent across different assets which were featured on your landing page. Well now you can do with the new YouTube player version 2. now you can change the red line which shows the progress of the streaming video also you can change the red play button which is shown while the video is landed on your front page.

Keyboard: When it comes to keyboard it a well known fact that feature rich UI components always embraced keyboard for interaction purposes. Now you can enable of disable keyboard directly from the youtube video player javascript embed options. This will allow the keyboard input feature to be displayed on the sidebar of the embedded video player.

Loop: Do you remember the teenage timings when we get into a song and play it on a loop. Well I am not talking about the same scenario here but there are use cases in real life where you need to loop the video on a landing page. That is where you would probably need this feature. Most of the video player add ons with HTML5 language does not have this feature enabled. But in version 2 of youtube player you get this opportunity of set a loop and make the video play on your webpage again and again until the user specifically click on stop button.

Playlist: Aggregating interesting information has been the favorite practice for humans since from the start of technological time. we have Twitter, Digg, Pinterest etc. where we aggregate interesting pieces of information. Same way you can gather many videos into a playlist and just enable that playlist to be played on your web page by just providing the id of that playlist.

Start Time / End Time: You might have noticed it in many youtube videos that there are specific informations which was showcased on specific timings in the videos. Many times I came across those informatic videos where I needed to learn something and I had to watch the whole video. Well now what I could do it provide start and end time on a video which will enable my website visitor to play the video with specific start and end time. This will enable me to provide only relevant value propositions on my website.

Annotation: Annotation is one of the best features I have ever liked since youtube launched it. The best thing about it is you can specify the click to action links on specific timings of your video transition period. Now you can add these feature on your embedded video on your web page by just providing a flag value into your embed code.

Fullscreen: There are many instances where we need to provide full screen feature on your embedded video’s. For example if you are a photographer you might want to create a slideshow of your images and showcase it on your portfolio page. If you are a cinematographer then you need to provide each portfolio video in a playlist and enable your viewers to see it in a full screen mode. Well now you can do that because in youtube video player feature list you can easily enable that feature with setting fullscreen flag to true.
You can achieve all the above my using tools online. One of my favorite tool is called Embed and Customise YouTube Video on your website.

Despite of all these features youtube video player has not been very influential in tech world. It’s always been noticed that youtube has not adopted new technology as fast as other online streaming providers does. I have recently came across an article which depicts the same. Why do porn sites have video players that are so much better than Youtube. This article is fascinating as its showing all pros and cons from youtube.


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