The best way for you to make money on the web is to set up an online store. However, the process won’t be automatic. You need to have a growth strategy that will help you attract more customers since the main aim of all ecommerce sites is to convert store visitors to paying customers. Below are six hacks that you can use to help boost your sales and maximize your revenues:

Having Clear Designs and Layout on the Websites

If you want to increase your online sales, you have to make sure that your shop is easy to navigate. The user interface should be interactive and clear. A visitor should not take forever to find the check out button. In addition, they should be able to search for items easily without having to scroll through numerous pages.

When designing your site, focus on those aspects that will lead to high conversion rates. Examples include customer testimonials, product reviews, and prices. Make sure that your site highlights these features in order to grab the user’s attention. Also, use a maximum of 3 color schemes for your website design. Using fewer hues makes your site seem professional.

Live Customer Support

According to Goshly, when conducting any business whether online or from a physical location, you need to make sure that your clients feel your presence because it shows them that you care about their needs. In fact, you’ll notice that firms with a reliable customer care service get return clients.

Therefore, make sure that your website has live customer support to deal with any queries that a visitor may have. When you show clients that you care by answering their question, they’ll return the favor by purchasing your goods. In addition, if your live customer support is reliable, you’ll get new customers through numerous referrals.

Marketing Strategies

You should also consider marketing your products and services to boost your online sales. One tactic that you can use is paid traffic, which allows you to pay your search engine to maximize the number of visitors that come to your site. The search engine uses a rank system that largely depends on how much you’re willing to spend – the more you pay, the higher your rank and visibility.

You can also use retargeting to encourage former visitors to return to your site and convert. The main advantage of retargeting is that your adverts reach only those people that need them. If you have the addresses of your customers, you can also send them flyers or coupons. While most marketing as migrated online, having a tangible reminder of you and your products can stand out in your customers’ memory.


A blog is a web page that’s updated regularly and features content written in a conversational style. Having a blog helps to drive traffic to your website because customers love a good read.

Make sure that you talk about trendy topics related to your business when creating your blog. You can use a variety of resources to make sure that your posts are interesting and helping your SEO. Make it entertaining and something that readers can debate about. That way, visitors can share the piece with their family and friends and increase your website’s traffic. The good thing about blogs is that the content sells itself, you don’t have to tell the readers to share it since they do it on their own will.

Use an Exit Popup

According to Omniconvert, an exit popup is a form of website overlay that shows up when a visitor wants to leave a certain web page. It’s usually meant to discourage the user from exiting the webpage without purchasing anything.

The popup can also be modified according to the activity of the visitor. For example, if the viewer had already added some goods in his or her cart, but for one reason or the other decides to leave without checking out, the exit popup can include a discount that entices him or her to buy the product.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a formula used to contrast two versions of a webpage to see which one gets the best response. Usually, you show the viewers the two versions at a random and use statistical analysis tools to examine their reactions.

The reason why some online businesses fail is because consumers find their prices too expensive. Use A/B testing to make sure that your charges are not too high or low. You can do this by testing two market prices of the same item and selecting the one with the most picks.

Take your time, plan well, do your research, and implement the data you find and

if you’re consistent with your efforts, your online business will be profitable in no time.