Technology in business has revolutionised the way organisations operate nowadays. No matter what time of technology startup you are building up at some point of time you will be affected by technology at some point of time. Hence it is very important to be aware of new trends and technology changes in market so that you can make business decisions accordingly. We have aggregated information from different sources and build a comprehensive list of of 5 top tech blogs you must follow to be keep yourself up to date.

The Guardian technology blog

The Guardian’s blog is a concrete repository of in-depth analysis covering the latest changes happening in technology world. They regularly update trends and make sure notify there readers if there is any fundamental change takes place.

TheTelegraph UK

The Telegraph’s blog mostly get updated by guest authors. It contains posts from guest writers who are industry experts. Most of the posts are published with a short summary which means that reader can look over the feed and read brief with a snapshot of the latest technology news. Which leads to click on the posts to access the blog post in details.


Lonare is a platform targeted specifically towards technology updates. It has number of authors with great portfolio posting original and to the point contents quite frequently. Lonare blog offers detailed analysis done by in-house experts (editorial team). If you are looking to post some guest posts in UK market this is the best place to start with.

Financial Times Tech Hub

The Financial Times Tech Hub portal includes the finance industry focused technical development. This blog focus on major financial changes happening in industry and how they affect the technical implementation of it.

Tech World

Techworld is a blog with good in depth knowledgeable of industry latest news. It has a huge collection of “How To” articles and enterprise software. This blog will provide you an opportunity to go through different categories and look into sub industry targeted news.

It is hard to visualise the internet world without blogs we all know that very well. In initial days of internet online journals full of personal updates were spider-ing around the internet. But now the readers taste is important. You cannot just throw hugh amount of information on a webpage and publish it. Its important to make sure the structure is properly constructed as per the industry standards.

Press and big fishes use to call blogs as they will shunned soon by mainstream. But now when you look into the real world Blogs became the mainstream knowledge base for readers.

Doesn’t matter if its a breaking news in technology or an insiders point of view. There are millions of blogs online available on any niche. And authors are happy to respond back to readers comments quite frequently. Blogging is nowadays slightly tilting its spectrum towards humor also. Hence lots of bloggers now use various techniques to keep there readers stick to the article.

It shouldn’t be a supersise to the world that the tech world has accepted the bloggers way before the other world did. Nowadays event newspapers and newsrooms are asking there editors to write blogs so that it becomes more informative and up-to date.