1. Spray-on Fabric

Spray-on Fabric is a new technology that enables you to spray a liquid mixture of plastic and cotton on your body. It solidifies just like you put some water in fridge and it turns itself into ice. Finally, it turns into clothes that can be worn, washed, and worn again. Amazing isn’t it?

The technology was patented by designer Manel Torres who comes from Spanish background. Great contribution with particle engineer Paul Luckham, he founded the company Fabrican Ltd. where they plan to develop sprayable bandages, sanitary napkins, and even upholstery. So wait you will see a lot of spray clothing in future.

2. The Color Rings

The wireless Color Rings is a device designed by Argentinean company BCK. It enables you to talk on the phone even more comfortably and naturally than before. Starting a conversation is as easy as pie: you only have to put these rings on your little finger and thumb, and bring them to your mouth and ear respectively. They function as a headset and a microphone.

3. Story Levitating Timepiece

Story is the first levitating timepiece. Instead of hands, it only has an aluminum ball and a smooth wooden dial. This clock is unique because it can be set to show any time interval: 24 hours, a year, 5 years, or the time remaining until your project’s deadline.

If you get tired of too much originality, you can turn on the LED Matrix display that will show the time as if it were an ordinary clock.

4. MTG Dental Camera

MTG Dental Camera was created to diagnose the condition of teeth, saving us the trouble of going to the dentist over nothing. Just use it to take a picture of your teeth, and send it to your dentist through a special mobile app. Then he or she will decide if you need to make an appointment.

5. Water Walker and Spa

In order to lose weight, some people use a treadmill, and some take up water aerobics. Water Walker and Spa is an invention that combines these 2 methods. You can even install it at home and run in the water to your heart’s content. The facility has different modes and can also be used as a spa if desired.

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