Leaning a Piano is no more a clumsy task as there are a lot of sources available over the internet for it. In the earlier times, a person had to visit a piano teacher to learn the musical instrument, but now the entire equation has changed. Due to digitalization, several online technologies to learn piano are available at ease.

There are various websites like MyPianoNotes, which offer the easy tutorial for learning various popular songs on Piano. But apart from many different types of online lessons, learning Piano has become possible through android apps also. A lot of apps are there on the play store from where one can become expert in learning Piano. Here is the list of all such applications.

Virtual Piano Trainer

Virtual Piano Trainer is one of the best applications software to learn piano for android users. The good thing about this app is that it is available on the play store for free and one can download it within a minute. Also, it does not demand any personal information of the user, which makes it convenient to use for everyone.

The ads are not there to distract a person from his lessons, and the attractive user interface helps the students to use it with full interest. Apart from the right amount of details, nothing extra is given on this app. This makes it easy to use and understand its content well. Not only this, one can get only necessary details about the lesson and nothing complicated information.

Perfect Piano

This is another piano app available on the play store for free. The speciality about Perfect Piano app is that it offers up to full 88 keys and 20 different sound effects. To increase your excitement, it has USB MIDI keyboard support and MIDI and ACC sound recording capabilities.

It is free to use, and one can play many songs available on it. Also, there are certain features which a player may need to buy, but overall most of its configuration is fully free. There are multiple modes to play any song on it, and the option for real-time chat is embedded into it.

If you are interested in something only for your pc then here it is Perfect Piano for PC


Synthesia is one of the simpler apps in the Android category for the users. Its outlook resembles that of any gaming app. Despite its being a simple app, there are numerous features included in it. One can make the best use of the available lessons to excel at learning piano efficiently.

Also, a huge number of songs are available in its library, and one can also see other person’s performances before giving it a try. Excellent use of mechanics is made in this app, where the notes fall from top to down, and one needs to maintain a perfect timing while operating it.

My Piano

My Piano app is made by Trajkovski Labs and is convenient in its usage. Although it covers mostly basics of Piano learning, the huge number of features in it may leave you in a surprising state. It is very convenient to use and covers 11 different instruments, eight sound effects.

Also, a much wide variety of MIDI features are included in it as compared to other similar apps. The sound quality of My Piano app is simply mind-blowing, and the best thing is it is available for free on the google play store. This app does not fool you by inserting the snapshots of the lessons as many other apps do.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons app has a lot of lessons in the categories of pre-beginner, beginner, medium, and advanced pianists. The audio and video quality in this app is superb, and the teacher uses all his expressions to make the users understand it better.

The availability of easy to difficult levels has made it easier for the person to learn Piano effectively. All the lessons are of short time durations, and the learner can take his time to practice it on the instrument.

So, we have a look at the above-listed apps to learn piano for free. Their easy availability has made the task of piano learning easier. We all know that learning any musical instrument makes a positive impact on our lives. Hence, we must inculcate the skill of playing any musical instrument such as piano when there are so many apps available for free. You can switch to other apps if you find one inconvenient to use.