40 Common Ways People Often Break Their Mobile Phones


Mobile phone devices are common to most and essential for managing our complex and fast-paced lives. Whether we are at work or at home, we use a phone frequently. If your phone stops functioning because of any accidental breakage, that becomes a cause of serious concern. At that time, you need to send it for repair work at a mobile phone repair shop so that you can get it back from the dead.

A British study reports that approximately 33% of people either lose or break their mobile phones, while the average mobile was broken or damaged almost 10 weeks from purchase. This means that every user at some point in their mobile life can experience a problem when they forget for a second just how fragile the smartphone devices and make a mistake. This mistake can result in a mobile phone, cracking its casing, smashing the LCD screen, ruining the touchpad or even damaging a few of the main features on the phone such as the camera or Bluetooth.

As you can imagine, everyone has a story regarding the breakage of their phones. So, I thought I would share with you the 30 most common ways people break their mobile phones.

Let’s take a peek at how people have broken their phones.  


  • I was hungry and trying to order food from my favourite restaurant on call. I was making random calls but the line was busy. Hence, almost after the continuous dialling, I was on call and telling the operator about my order but sudden the call dropped. So, I threw my phone on the wall and it shattered. (Adele Charlie)

  • It was a hectic day. I went to attend a business meeting with my client but I was quite late. When I reached and parked my car, then I tried to put my phone in the back pocket. But in hurry, it was dropped on the floor, cracking the screen. (Harry Max)

  • I was reading the paper at the breakfast table and then suddenly my hand was touched on my cup of tea which drained out its content over onto my phone. It had stopped working after that. (Daniel Logan)
  • I bought a new back cover online and when I was switching it out, my phone suddenly fell onto the ground and got damaged. (Bella Toby)
  • I was napping, suddenly my iPhone fell off the couch and the screen smashed. So, I visited an iPhone repair centre and replaced the screen. (Harley Luke)
  • I was watching a horror movie on my phone and suddenly I got scared and threw my phone on the ground. (Carissa Jaxon)
  • I had a crack to my Galaxy S7 when I dropped it out the window of my 1st floor flat while trying to get my boyfriend’s attention. (Alina Adam)
  • I love horse riding! One day I ended up dropping my phone whilst I was enjoying horse riding and forgot to take my phone pants off. (Ryan Kai)
  • My little kid was playing on my smartphone and he got a bit too excited and took a bite into it and smashed its screen. (Freya Lewis)
  • I was getting ready for a hangout with my buddies and when I bent down to tie my shoelaces, my phone fell out from the back pocket of the paint. (Rosie Jesse)
  • My uncle was striving to be super cool and decided to give me a high-five, not recognising that his phone was still in his hand. When he did, the phone flew out of his hand and damaged the front screen. (Jasper Bobby)
  • My phone fell out of my bag as I ran across the car park in the rain to the shopping mall. (Charles Louis)
  • I was playing with my companion dog and I threw a ball for it but accidentally let my phone go at the same time and got it shattered. (Esme Aaron)
  • I was eating dinner with my family in a traditional restaurant when my younger brother pulled the tray and his phone dropped to the floor, the screen was broken. (Stanley Ronny)
  • I was enjoying music while sitting in the lounge. All of a sudden, my pet dog came fast and hugged me. The phone fell out from my hand and the got damaged. (Jessamy David)
  • I am phone addict and always take it out when I visit the bathroom. One day I was getting ready for attending a friend’s party; it was a selfie time. When I was taking selfie and by chance my phone dropped and totally smashed. (Jemima)
  • I dropped my phone in the trash at work and got mess all over it. Not even thinking, I washed the handset off in the sink and destroyed it by water. (Thomas Archie)
  • My iPhone 6 was scratched as I kept it in my pocket with my keys and other junk.
  • I kept my phone on a table at the bar and then my bestie accidentally bumped into it and knocked it to the ground. Whoops!! It got shattered. (Gracie Leon)
  • I accidentally dropped my phone into the bathtub and smashed the glass screen into pieces. (Lottie Theo)
  • I was sitting on the commode in the bathroom. All of a sudden, it rang out and slipped from my back pocket and ended in the toilet. (Albert Jude)
  • I went to dig my phone out of my pocket when I was stepping out the stairs.
  • I was practicing for a boxing event with my friend and she kicked my butt, then her phone was fallen from the back pocket and broken. (Barrett Arvel)
  • I was walking with my cousin and then he pushed me on the back and I dropped my phone down which I was holding in my hand, ultimately shattering the screen. (Calvin)
  • I lost my most favourite smartphone once I, unfortunately, jumped into the swimming pool with it. (Flora Chester)
  • I was trying to keep my kitten away from drinking my milk, therefore I put my phone on the top of the glass and it dropped right in.  (Georgina Corwin)
  • I was holding a cup of coffee, then all of a sudden, it was slipped from my hand and dropped onto my phone. (Bernard Alex)
  • One day I was going to home back then my car jolted and stopped suddenly. I tried many times, but it could not start again. Then, I opened the car door to come outside and unintentionally my handbag dropped on the road and my all things including smartphones were smashed. (Libby Austin)
  • During summer vacations, my darling husband tried to throw me in the kids paddling pool, my phone flew out from my hand and landed on a concrete floor and completely crashed. (Millie Barry)
  • I put my phone on a shelf not realising that any kind of liquid had beaten the handset to the spot and then damaged it. (Anthony Ansel)
  • I didn’t know my mobile phone was on the couch and I sat on it, resulting a broken iPhone. (Peter Morgan)
  • I had once hand to hand combat with my neighbour over a car parking issue. He pushed me so hard that I fell on the ground and my phone which I had in my back pocket smashed into pieces.  (Tony)
  • I left my all-important mobile phone on the roof of the car and drove off. OOoch. (James Anderson)
  • I love roller coaster rides. Once upon a time, I sat in a roller coaster and forgot to take out mobile phone from my upper pocket. When roller coaster swung from the height, my phone dropped from my pocket and kissed the ground with so much heavy force that I am still counting the pieces of the broken phone. (Mr. Steven)
  • I was playing cricket keeping my phone in my pant. A fast ball from the bowler struck the phone after pitching. I missed the touch shot but ball didn’t missed. My phone screen was twisted into two pieces. But I was little happy that day because we won the match. (Andrew Flint)
  • I was lying with my 5 years old baby on the bed, playing games on my iPhone X. When suddenly he punched the phone in anger and phone fell from my hands to the floor. I had to do a costly repair for that phone. I suggest all the parents to be aware of this and keep your costly phones away from your kids. (Lisa Parker)
  • I was doing ice fishing and when I put fishing line in the hole the phone went with it as well. (Glenn)
  • I was in kitchen and preparing some fries on stove, when my mobile phone beeped and I tried to pick the phone without cleaning up my oily hands and phone slipped from my hands and landed in the deep fryer. As a result I got my phone fried and dead. (Emma Watson)
  • Once I was in a funeral and carrying a casket. When suddenly corner of the casket hit the phone in my pocket and cracked its screen. (Nick Knight)
  • I remember when I fell asleep holding my phone. The phone slipped through my hands and broken into two pieces. (Salman Ahmed)

If you have ever experienced any mishap with your mobile phone, tell me in the comment section how did you broke your phone?