In today’s world, a company must adapt to technology or risk being left in the dust by its competitors. In the last few decades, many major enterprises have seen how their smaller competitors were taking advantage of the new technologies, and now everyone wants a slice of the pie. If a company wants to stay relevant and successful, they need to make the necessary technological adjustments. Thus, here are some concepts in technology that every business needs to know about.


Customer analytics software is very important because it gives your company the ability to fully understand customer behaviour. With this knowledge in hand, a company can make business decisions based on customer behaviour. Analytics software is largely used in the retail, customer relationship, finance, and customer community areas of business. Collecting data on your customers is an important step to ensuring whether you need to update your business plan.

Wireless Conference Rooms

Displaying video and conducting meetings in a conference used to be a complicated endeavour. However, with the advent of wireless technology now almost anything can be turned into a wireless conference room. It started with products such as Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay. It continues by giving presenters the ability to display their handiwork from a number of different applications for all to see, even remotely.

Active Directory Service

Active Directory Service, or AD for short, is something that has become so valued that 95 percent of Fortune 1000 companies are using it. AD allows you to sync different business values such as the title of your employees, their department and their password with different media devices. From time-to-time, it’s important to give a health check to your accounts in active directory. AD can fit that role nicely as well.

Augmented Business Intelligence

There is no question that data collection is now an important trend in business, but Augmented Business Intelligence is going to become more and more popular in the next few decades. This is because automation is going to be useful for such things as processing and AI commands. We can see this already through the rise of smart-home devices and other similar inventions.

Now is truly an exciting time for enterprise-level businesses. It is a brave new world and one where we need to embrace constant changes in technology to stay competitive. If we do, there is no reason why enterprises will not continue to prosper.