Businesses often struggle with how to connect with young consumers in the ever-changing marketplace. One of the ways that a company can succeed is by tapping into the enormous buying power that comes with the next generation, also known as millennials.

If you’re not sure how to get millennials engaged with your business, here are three ways you can target them without being overly pushy.

Find and Use Local Influencers

Millennials gravitate toward who they know. This is no different than in past generations when celebrities played an important role in how buyers were influenced. The difference with millennials is that most of the celebrities they admire are now found online and are also local to their communities. Keep in mind that an influencer does not have to have millions of followers. Rather, that individual just has to be simply engaged with the demographic that you’re looking to target. 10,000 followers is a good benchmark to look for when selecting an influencer.

When you use an influencer to target your marketing efforts toward millennials, there will already be a certain level of the like, know, and trust factor that will engage that demographic more immediately than if you were to go the traditional route of a commercial advertisement.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Millennials are known for utilizing technology like nobody’s business. Use this to the advantage of your business. Make sure that you are laser-focused on having a mobile-friendly website.

When purchasing something online, at least 50 percent of customers do so on their phones. That is why it is important to test out your website on multiple mobile platforms, not just on a smartphone. Consider how your website operates on tablets and other smart devices as well. You may even want to consider creating an app for your business to interact with those potential buyers.

Be Involved in a Bigger Cause

While millennials may not always be politically driven, they are definitely cause-driven. One of the things that millennials often look for when purchasing from a company is determining what that business does in order to make the world a better place. Do not be afraid to give back to your community or to a cause that is close to your heart that does specialized work overseas. Make sure that that becomes a strategic part of your business’s promotional efforts if you want to attract more millennials to engage with your company.

Millennials can be a tough crowd to win over. These are just three great ways you can target millennials when it comes to getting their attention for your business. Utilize any combination of these three tactics you’ll quickly find that that specific demographic will be more attracted to what your company has to offer.

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