Facebook has bought WhatsApp in Feb 2014 for $19 Billion. Since from then, it flourished and the company profile has been enhancing day by day. In the there journey towards connecting this world and improving communication. WhatsApp officially introduced its new service called as WhatsApp for business in 2018.

Today WhatsApp for business has more than 5 million business customers. Not only that company also mentioned that they are making this app easy to use for small businesses to use on desktops. They are trying to include all or almost all major features on desktops which were not available on big screens before. These include tools to organize and filter chats, as well as to quickly reply to customer inquiries.

If you are a user of WhatsApp Business, you can trigger the quick replies by pressing the “/” button on your keyboard.

Now all these features enable a business to collaborate with there end customers and make there journey easy on their platforms. Which means going forward in future you might see a button called click to chat which will enable you to connect with the business seamlessly.

Now the question is when it will be coming to the western world. Because at the moment it is only available for Android users in eastern countries. I hope it will be launched in the United Kingdom soon and we will get to see it on our websites and desktops.

Let us assume that this will resolve problems for small businesses to communicate with there customers while they are surfing around on their website. That means all support ticketing systems which is available online have a danger coming to hurt their business model. Because if whats app serves the purpose of an online live chat problem with the free or low fee then businesses will move away from current online web chat solutions like freshdesk, zohochat, senddesk etc.